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Here Is What Is Inside The On-The-Go 6-Week Email Courses

‚úď Designed for anyone who wants to improve their life

‚úď Daily emails with practical tips and insights

‚úď Weekly videos to dive deeper into the material

 ‚úď Weekly guides to apply the concepts to real life

 ‚úď Evidence-based approach

 ‚úď For the busy person that needs healing on-the-go

On-The-Go Is Perfect For You If. . .

+ You know that success often requires a delicate balance of discipline and self-care

+ Improving your life can be a powerful way to strengthen that balance and take control of your life

+ You are ready to take control of your life and embrace the power of healing

+ You know that you have the power to shape your own destiny and achieve greatness in all aspects of your life

+ You know that you need a completely confidential and discreet way to work toward having a healthy balance in life

+ You know that investing just $20 in an email course to improve your life can be a smart financial decision with a high return on investment

+ You have considered the cost of continuing to live life the way it is now and the potential consequences to your health, relationships, and career

+ And you are interested in being virtually guided by a professional in the field of mental health and addictive behavior

Recovery is the only 6-week email course presently. There will be other 6-week email course topics so keep an eye out!

Alcohol Recovery



  • 6-Week Email Course
  • Techniques To Help¬†Stop Or Moderate Alcohol Use
  • Learn How To Build A Strong Support System For Lasting Results
  • Build A Relapse Prevention Plan That Withstands The Toughest Of Life Situations
  • Easy-To-Digest Guidebook That Compliments Weekly Video Lessons To Get The Most Out Of The Course

Nicotine Cessation


Coming Soon

  • 6-Week Email Course
  • Daily Emails And Quotes
  • Conquer¬†Nicotine
  • Skills And Coping
  • Guidebook
  • Weekly Instruction Videos

Struggling with alcohol can be incredibly tough and it is not easy because it affects every aspect of your life. It can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being, strain your relationships, cause financial burdens, lead to legal troubles, and bring a lot of emotional pain.

You are not alone in this journey and there is hope for healing and recovery. Seeking help and support is not a sign of weakness; it is a brave and courageous step toward a better life. You deserve compassion, understanding, and a chance to find your way to a brighter and healthier future. You have the strength within you, and with the right support, you can overcome this challenge. Take that first step ‚Äď you are worth it!

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