Asking for help is the strongest thing you can do for yourself.

Below are free resources that can help you do that.


Find Therapy


Low-Income Therapy Option:

Sliding Scale Therapy Option:

Inclusive Therapy Option:

Non-Religious Therapy Option:

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Crisis Services


Text HOME To 741741; 24/7 FREE Crisis Texting; United States Residents Only:

988 Suicide And Crisis Lifeline; 24/7 FREE Confidential Calling; United States Residents Only:

Find Crisis And Addiction Help:

International Emergency Contact Information:

Crisis And Emergency Aboard International Contact Information Per Country:

 White Flag App; 24/7 FREE Peer Support:

Befrienders Worldwide:


Addiction Services


Moderation Management (MM):

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA):

Narcotics Anonymous (NA):

Al-Anon For Loved Ones Of Someone Battling Alcoholism:


Sexual Assault Hotline


1-800-656-HOPE; 4/7 FREE Confidential Calling; United States Residents Only:


Utility and Food Help




Know that you are not alone and you can find the help you need to get through it. You are worth it. ❤︎

Finances do not have to prevent you from getting support.

Come join our support community.

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If you have an emergency contact 911, 988 for the national crisis lifeline, or use the crisis text line by texting HOME to 741741.